Fuse Washington Actions: January 2018

Welcome to 2018! While the Trump administration and Congressional Republicans are finding new ways to undermine our rights, progressives are ready to make sure that 2018 is an unforgettable year of progress. Fuse organizers are already gearing up to reclaim Republican congressional seats and to champion bold reforms in the state legislature. 

 Check out this list of practical opportunities to resist the Trump administration and fight for progress here in Washington. Have a submission for the Fuse Fix? Email us at Together@FuseWashington.org. 

1. Jan. 19 Deadline to Support Young Immigrants

The fight to protect more than 800,000 undocumented youths is far from over. Trump’s cancellation of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) was a heartless and cowardly act of xenophobia. As the deadline to fund the federal government draws nearer, Democrats must draw a line in the sand by demanding a clean DREAM Act now. 

Today is the first day Congress is back in session and we have until January 19 to ensure that DACA recipients have a pathway to citizenship. Washington’s Congressional members need to be reminded that the Evergreen state stands with our undocumented friends, family, and neighbors.

Send a message now demanding that your members of Congress support a clean DREAM Act:act.fusewashington.org/letter/SupportDreamAct2017/ 

2. Local Actions

One year ago, more than 100,000 people marched for equality and unity in Seattle and cities across the state. The Women’s March kicked off the resistance to the Trump administration’s divisive policies that seek to marginalize immigrants, women, people of color, indigenous groups, and LGTBQ people. Fuse is supporting the Women’s March once again and will be showing up in full force. RSVP via the link below to join with us! 

RSVP here: act.fusewashington.org/survey/WXMMarch2018 

3. Sign Up for WA Action Text Alerts

Are you curious about ways you can advocate for progressive reforms in Olympia during the 2018 legislative session? We got you covered. Stay updated on what is happening in the Washington Legislature by signing up for our text message alerts. 

Text ‘Fuse’ to 30644 

4. I-940 made it to Olympia!

Great news! Initiative 940 has qualified as an initiative to the legislature! Thanks to supporters like you, the De-Escalate Washington campaign collected more than 360,000 signatures from across the Washington. This legislative session, lawmakers will have an opportunity to address the reality of police brutality. We are asking the legislature to support I-940 and begin the process to modernize our state’s policing laws, increase law enforcement training, and to rebuild communities’ trust in law enforcement. Send a message to your legislators urging them to support I-940! 

Send a message today: act.fusewashington.org/letter/I-940_WaLeg_SupportLetter 

You can also learn more here: www.fusewashington.org/why_were_supporting_de-escalate_washingtons_i-940/?source=email 

5. Get Up to Speed with Our Pick of the Week

Equity and justice for all are at the heart of our values as progressives. Together, we can fight for racial justice by uniting privileged people with those whose rights are constantly under attack. Listen to this great talk by a national activist about how transit advocates and progressive organizers working together to create an equitable and inclusive society. 
Listen Now: soundcloud.com/sv_debug/tamika-butler-talk-at-svbc-2017-summit