Bernie Sanders is Our Last, Best Hope for Democracy in the United States!

Michael Kagan

Yes, that is a mighty heavy burden to put on one person, and perhaps it can be shared by 60 million or so voters later this year. His campaign for the presidency has been inspiring millions of people to support him and his ideas, which are admittedly out of the mainstream of politics as practiced over the past few decades (generations?) by the two major political parties. But can he achieve enough support by November to become the Democratic Party’s nominee? If so, can he then withstand the inevitable landslide of Republican mud that will be aimed at that party’s standard-bearer? And finally, will there be enough votes for him and other progressives, liberals, and populists this fall to allow him to implement his platform for the improvement of this country?

Senator Sanders, the Independent from Vermont, is the only candidate for president addressing real issues that concern real citizens. These include income and wealth inequality; getting “big money” out of politics; creating decent paying jobs; racial justice; climate change and environmental protection; reforming Wall Street; single payer health care (“Medicare for All”); affordable, quality education; defeating the disastrous Trans-Pacific Partnership; supporting peace and ending wars; and other progressive approaches to solving the serious problems we face in this country.

His message is reaching tens of thousands of people every day, who flock to the arenas to hear him speak, who go to his website ( to learn what he stands for, who contribute small amounts of money to his campaign, who organize house parties to promote his candidacy, and who go door-to-door to convince neighbors that his success is crucial to our future as a viable country.

Republican candidates play on voters’ fears, greed, and hatred; are the servants of the very richest people and corporations here and abroad; and are in this campaign for self-aggrandizement, parlaying their name-recognition into huge speaking fees, book deals, tv appearances, etc. Senator Sanders is beholden to no oligarch, plutocrat, or Super PAC. He has raised more money for his campaign from individuals than has any other candidate. This is proof that his message is being heard and supported by large numbers of average citizens who want to see improvement in the conditions in this country and in their lives.

Bernie Sanders obviously succeeded in convincing Iowa voters that the United States needs to correct its course from one that favors the rich and powerful to a direction that allows the greatest good for the greatest number of our citizens. His strong showing, virtually equaling Hillary Clinton’s support, was achieved with a fraction of her money, much of which was provided to her by wealthy donors.

The success of Bernie’s campaign is undoubtedly a bellwether for our country’s future. Will we continue to allow the ultra-rich to choose and install their hand-picked stooges to run our country solely for their benefit? Or will the majority of voters show that money cannot overcome their desires? We are clearly at a turning point in our country’s history.

If enough people get his message, believe in his ideas, and elect him as our President nine months from now, this will be a better country for all of us. Not only will his policies make a dramatic difference in our future possibilities, but it will be readily apparent that we can break the influence of the corporations and big donors. We must prove that our government is not for sale to the highest bidder, that the people must have their say.

We absolutely need to support the Bernie Sanders campaign in any and every way we can. Our failure to do so will allow the top 1% of the top 1% to continue to have their way with our democracy, to the detriment of all the rest of us. Thus the best hopes for democracy as we would like to know it will be destroyed. Bernie Sanders is our last, best hope for democracy in the United States.

[Editor’s Note: Our editorial policy for articles that advocate for a candidate is to require the article to educate and inform our readers. In addition, we invite others to submit articles advocating for other progressive candidates.]

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