Policing: Wyatt Cenac's HBO Series "Problem Areas"

While Wyatt Cenac brings a healthy dose of his comedic talents to this show, it's still a very serious series talking about very serious topics. The ten-episode season primarily tackles policing in America, from murders of people of color by law enforcement officers, to the infrastructures that facilitate these oft-repeated heartbreaking and rage-inducing instances of police brutality and abuse of power. This review of the series will motivate you to watch all 10 episodes.

This recent New York Times article reminds us to watch the series, which did not get traction when it came out 2 years ago. It was cancelled after only 2 seasons. "Using a mixture of journalism and comedy, Cenac sought to educate viewers on subjects like community policing, consent decrees, defunding and abolition."

Note: The first 6 or 7 minutes of each 30 minute episode seems off topic. Be patient. The remaining minutes are well worth the wait. They are informative and moving. Cenac digs deep into the issues in an accessible way.