Clearing the Air: The Case of Hillary Clinton

Richard Smaby

I caucused for Bernie Sanders. Not because I was opposed to Hillary Clinton, but because the political power of large corporations threatening our democracy is the most important issue for our time. I have never been a Clinton basher. I believe she is a progressive. We progressives can and will debate that, of course, since each of us has firm convictions about what it means to be a progressive. Before having that debate I wanted to clear the air of the persistent litany of accusations that have been directed at Clinton over decades. These accusations are part of a concerted campaign by conservatives to neutralize a promising (and dangerous for conservatives) progressive politician by repeating those accusations over and over until magically they become the truth.

Fortunately, Michael Arnovitz has already written an article on this topic and it was picked up by Daily Kos and emailed to the progressive world. I say 'fortunately,' because the article is much more thorough than mine would have been. 

Be sure to follow the link in the article to Henry Louis Gates’ article from 1996 that shows these attacks on Clinton started the moment she was perceived by conservatives as a threat.

Read these articles and then join the discussion about strategizing and implementing a progressive future, starting with the November elections.

Addendum: Read Michael Arnovitz' analysis of the comments he received on his original article. You might find it even more interesting.

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