Indivisible Again

Herb Dempsey

The government system at the federal level has made a major change. One of the major reasons for the change has been a group called “Indivisible.” I am wondering how much we should expect the government change to extend down into the state, county and local levels is because of Indivisible and the excellent guidance provided by the experts from that organization, Move On and similar activist training organizations.

The original Indivisible Guide is still available. It deserves another read. Now Indivisible has produced another analysis. The discussion goes from resisting Trump and all that those Republicans represented to where we are now. The Blue Wave has come but were not sure how huge it is. We know the House of Representatives at the federal level has obviously been flipped and in various contests at the federal, state, county and city levels the flipping continues. What was reliably red is flopping around and frequently becoming belatedly blue. The world has changed much as the field changes on the football game when our side moves from defensive to offensive. Both sides must develop a new set of strategies and with each strategy comes an entirely new set of tactics. Indivisible recognizes that change and as a result we now have a new set of extremely well-written guidebooks.

Indivisible continues the journey we started with our trip back to Indivisible and their brief guideline to the history of the last election. For those of us who believed in the work of Saul Alinsky and the Industrial Areas Foundation to this latest effort on the part of Alinsky’s successors this document is very much to be recommended as the next step in realigning our strategies and rewriting our tactics on many levels. I know it’s trite, but, “We shall overcome.”