Linda Frank

Linda Frank, NBCR, RF, is a state and national board certified reflexologist and founder of Head to Heel Reflexology for Better Health.  To learn more about Linda, and about reflexology, which is categorized along with acupuncture, naturopathy, therapeutic massage and chiropractic as a Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), visit  

As a volunteer, Linda advocates for human rights in a number of arenas.  Since 2001 her focus has been largely in helping Palestinians attain equal rights through non-violence.  She is a member of the Tacoma chapter of Jewish Voice for Peace and The US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation. Linda traveled into Gaza five weeks after Operation Cast Lead in 2009 on an International Women’s Day Delegation with CodePink Women for Peace and author/poet Alice Walker.  Linda has also visited Israel and the West Bank.

During her year of attending services and weekly studies/discussion at a Reform Judaism synagogue in Colorado Springs in the mid-1990’s, Linda “embraced Israel."  “However,” she says, “there is a big difference between the dream I’d embraced and the harsh reality Israel became.  Even Israel’s conservative President Reuven Rivlin, who said, as quoted in the Jerusalem Post, that Israel ‘is a sick society that needs treatment,’ broke from his Likud party and Prime Minister and now advocates for Palestinian equal rights.” 

Linda was a founding member of Women in Black Tacoma, and was twice nominated for the Greater Tacoma Peace Prize.

Linda has also volunteered, for more than a decade, with the Tacoma/Pierce County chapter of what was formerly Washington Public Campaigns, last year renamed Fix Democracy First.