Long-term Care Workers Initiative Seeks Endorsements

Initiative 1163 is currently seeking endorsements of political organizations in Pierce County.  The initiative is aimed at restoring protections for seniors and people with disabilities under care by long-term care workers.

In 2008 Washington State voters overwhelmingly passed Initiative 1029, which required criminal background checks and increased training for long-term care workers who care for seniors and people with disabilities.  But the State legislature has reduced training requirements and delayed criminal background checks that were part of Initiative 1029.  Initiative 1163 seeks to restore those requirements and background checks.

On Monday, August 22nd, two representatives from the initiative campaign presented the case for Initiative 1163 to the 27th legislative district Democratic organization.  55 members of the organization heard a clear and impassioned argument for endorsing the initiative.  Nursing home care givers must get 85 hours of training.  Home care workers should be getting similar levels of training.  Without background checks on home care workers can fall victim to criminals.  The 27th LD voted overwhelmingly to endorse the initiative.

For the details of Initiative 1163 visit its website: www.yes1163.com.