One Woman's Solution - Run for Sheriff

A Tacoma woman, frustrated with the lack of alternatives for Pierce County Sheriff, decided to take action, by running for sheriff. She has been a Pierce County resident for 32 years, and has lived in Tacoma’s Stadium neighborhood for 18 years.

Janice Bridges graduated with a masters in social work in 2001 after the University of Washington Tacoma campus was built and worked at Pierce County Juvenile Court on the civil side of the court for 17 years. She concluded her career as the Dependency Unit Supervisor. While with Pierce County, she managed a program of advocates for children in foster care (formerly known as the CASA Program). Janice is mother to four grown children and grandmother to four young grandsons. She is known to many as Mamz, a nickname her son Rob gave her, and now as an anti-racist grandma, a title her daughter Katy gave her.