Don't Cry in Your Lattes, Progressives!

Michael Kagan

Yeah, the Republicans did what we were afraid they would do. They spent billions of dollars on advertising and spin this year. (Amy Goodman said on ‘Democracy Now’ the morning following the election that the election cost four billion dollars!) They told their lies. They promised things they have absolutely no intention of following through on (doing good things for the American people, by which they really mean the 1%, of course). They took seven seats in the Senate to have a majority and strengthened their hold on the House. Congratulations, Republicans! So why is this progressive so happy about this awful turn of events?

For the past few years, we’ve watched the Republican Senate minority obstruct progress, denigrate Obama, try fifty times to abolish the Affordable Care Act. We’ve suffered their ‘tyranny of the minority’. Since when does the minority rule? Why has it become accepted fact that 60 votes are needed to pass legislation? Why have far too many Democrats been so scared that they have joined the right-wingers to vote against the best interests of the citizens who elected them?

Yes, Democrats will be replaced by right-wingers as committee chairs, who will prevent needed bills from passing through to the floor for votes by the entire chambers. Yes, horrible bills will glide through committees and each house of Congress. Yes, judges nominated by Obama will be denied the coveted ‘up or down votes’. So why am *i feeling good about this?

Of course, we will see now exactly what Obama is made of. With no more elections for him, and none for Congress till 2016, he has nothing to fear but…. fear itself! Will he veto legislation he should know has no positive value for the country? Will he call out Republicans who prefer their power-hungry games over doing what’s right for the majority of the people? Will he finally realize that he would be supported by the vast majority of the population? Will he set the stage for the 2016 elections?

For decades, i have been saying ‘things have to get worse before they can get better’. Apparently, as bad as Nixon was, his years weren’t the bottom. (In fact, we now realize he was almost a liberal compared to recent presidents!) And do you mean to tell me that Reagan wasn’t as bad as it could get? Surely George W. Bush must have taken us down far enough for even U. S. voters to see the light. What? You mean we still have further to fall as a society? Tell me it ain’t so!

Okay, this may be a long shot, but i’m thinking that even the corporate media will have to expose the right-wingers for what they are. Reporters will certainly show how elected officials deny climate science to protect fossil fuel interests; broaden tax loopholes for corporations and wealthy individuals; continue to tout ‘supply-side economics’; expand campaign contributions by out-of-state and special interest groups; limit higher education to only those who can afford it; prevent voters from voting for Democrats; restrict civil rights of women, gays, workers, people of color; decrease access to health care; bust unions; push for more wars in more countries; and on and on….

Surely even our journalists and pundits will wake up to the fact that the worst enemy of the United States is not Al-Qaeda or ISIS but the Republican and Tea Parties, along with some ignorant Democrats. And they will provide the enlightenment needed by the masses to correct our course in 2016. There will be, there must be, a wholesale repudiation of all the cruel and inhumane policies promulgated by all the greedy, power-grabbing, war-mongering, selfish, mean-spirited, self-aggrandizing, small-minded, egoistic, phony, so-called ‘leaders’ in D. C., state legislatures, and governors’ mansions from sea to shining sea.

Finally, we will see that 2015 will be the bottom we progressives, who value people over property, human rights over money, and justice over power, have worked and worked and worked for over the past five decades. And it will all be brought about by the short-lived success of the giddy Republicans on November 4, 2014! That is what makes me so happy about these election results!

Editor's Note: The author was farming in Kentucky in the 1970's and 1980's, when soon-to-be-annointed Senate Majority Leader (read Obstructionist in Chief) Mitch McConnell was a state senator there. He has wondered how McConnell could take his right-wing act through decades of unAmerican activities without being exposed as the cruel politician he is.

*The author uses lower case "i" by intent.

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