Shopping with Richard

I sometimes get the urge to share my shopping secrets.  They are the key to my survival in a hostile world.  My shopping list alone is based on hours, days, yes, even years of painstaking research.  My choice of merchants is equally well considered.  You say, "It is a wonder you shop at all."  Read on.  You will quickly abandon your skeptical attitude.  The preceding is tongue-in-cheek.  But it does contain an element of truth.  We are what we shop.  Our health depends on what we buy: the food, the car, the carpet, ...  Our environment depends on what we buy and where we buy it.  Our psyches are constantly bombarded by advertising, conflicting scientific research, and government recommendations.  Our local community survives or dies based on our shopping choices. Rather than add to the cacophony of voices in your head, I will simply share my shopping secrets in the form of regular vignettes on this, my shopping page.
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